ANCYL Sends A Strong Warning To Julius Malema

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Facebook users have been served with a dessert of a different kind when DA’s Mbali Ntuli decided to take her clothes off and share her pictures online.

The newly elected ANCYL leaderships has sent a strong warning to Julius Malema for what it calls ‘unacceptable rantings.
This comes after Julius Malema addressed Oxford University last week where he painted South Africa as a failed state.
It is believed that Malema’s tour to the UK is to raise money for the EFF’s election campaign. News reported that Malema’s pictures with Lord Robin Renwick were leaked to Facebook. Pictures showed Malema in a private dinner with Renwick.

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Lord Robin Renwick is a former UK ambassador to SA before 1994, he also has connection with coporate SA through SABMiller, BhP Billiton and many others. He is also linked to banking sector through JP Morgan ( Europe). Renwick was appointed to House of Lords by PM Blair in 1997.
During his address to Oxford students, Malema claimed that former President Nelson Mandela deviated from Freedom Charter when he divorced Winnie Mandela.
KwaZulu-Natal ANCYL provincial secretary, Thanduxolo Sabela expressed the league’s anger over Malema’s ‘reckless’ political behavior. In a statement Sabela said:
“Malema’s political project has always been entirely self-serving and the only thing he cares about is self-promotion through outrageous media headlines. This is in sharp contrast to the ANC whose policies seek to deliver a better life for all South Africans. This proves that Malema is nothing more than a saccharine revolutionary who will do anything to promote his political adventurism, even if it means to sully the legacy of one of the greatest statesmen to have walked this earth.
“Malema has in recent weeks proven that he and the EFF are nothing but imperialist’s agents. He meets clandestinely with dubious characters who have been sponsoring an agenda to destabilise liberation movements on the African continent. He tried doing his agent tasks from within the ANC but he and his cohorts in the EFF failed. They were expelled,” said ANCYL’s Sabela.

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