ANC Wins Ekurhuleni by Coalition With AIC

AIC Has Agreed To Enter Into A Coalition Agreement With ANC In Ekurhuleni

The Spokesperson for the African Independent Congress, Aubrey Mhlongo has confirmed that his party signed a coalition agreement with the African National Congress on Thursday. This gives the ruling party enough votes to install Masina as Ekurhuleni mayor.

Ekurhuleni inaugural council meeting that was scheduled for Friday has been postponed to next week Tuesday. There are speculations that the delay is linked to ANC AIC discussions, but its spokesperson has denied these claims.

“We have reached an understanding with the ANC and we have signed an agreement. We are still in talks with them regarding the issue of re-incorporating Matatiele into KwaZulu-Natal as that was one of the conditions we had set,’ Mhlongo said.

It has been established that one of AIC demands to the ANC is that Matatiele be incorporated back to KwaZulu Natal. In 2005 a decision was taken to move Matatiele from KwaZulu Natal to Eastern Cape.

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