ANC Wins 70% Wards During By-Elections

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ANC Defeats DA Dismally During 2015 By-elections

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The ANC has come out victorious as it score 70% win during by-elections held across the country. This is according to Independent Electoral Commission results endorsed today. The opposition has accepted the defeat as there was no objection lodged.

Many are surprised as media had campaigned against the ANC using Nkandla and service delivery protests. It became clear that many South Africans believe that the ANC can lead better.

ANC Western Cape Victory

In the highly contested Western Cape, the ANC took back a ward in Matzikama from the DA by 52.06%.

The ANC also came out victorious in Langeberg as it won the ward by 82% vote. This is a shameful defeat to the DA as it always claimed to lead in the Western Cape.

ANC Eastern Cape Victory

The party retained Ward 1 in the Makana municipality in the Eastern Cape near Grahamstown, with its candidate Melikaya Phongolo keeping the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) at bay with 77% of the votes in a poll.

ANC KwaZulu Natal Victory

In KwaZulu-Natal’s Umshwathi, (Wartburg), the ANC cleaned up with 95% in a 41% poll with its candidate Sbonelo Justice Luthuli, keeping the seat.


In Limpopo’s Blouberg (Bochum/My Darling), the ANC’s Mmangwako Jonathan Sekgoloane was uncontested in a seat previously also held by the party.


In Mpumalanga’s Steve Tshwete municipality (Middelburg) , the African National Congress managed to retained the ward with 90.8%.

African National Congress also retained a ward in Moretele (Makapanstad) for the party with 91%. 

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