ANC Reclaims Rustenburg Municipality From DA EFF Coalition

Rustenburg Smaller Parties Gang Up Against DA EFF Coalition

Just few days after Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) celebrated its win of Rusternburg municipality, things have dramatically changed as smaller parties vote in support of the ANC.

Members of Economic Freedom Fighters clashed with ANC members and the police had to come in to dissolve tension.

EFF blamed their loss on its members who were absence during proceedings.

The ANC managed to retain two key positions in the mining town and Mayor Mpho Khunou is returning for his second term.  Sheila Mabala-Huma was elected as speaker of the council.

Days before the council sitting, EFF leaders Julius Malema had vowed that the ANC will never regain the control of Rustenburg municipality. “No matter what happens this municipality will never fall in the hands of the ANC … this municipality will be in the hands of the people.” said Malema.

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