ANC NEC Attempts To Remove Zuma Fail As He Fires Salvos

Jacob Zuma

Zuma warns his detractors that he knows who poisoned him and that he knows where they get money from.

President Zuma has walked out victorious after attempts by some ANC NEC members to have him removed failed. The party’s highest decision-making body gathered over the weekend and debated a motion of no confidence in President Zuma.

It is reported that NEC member Joel Netshitenzhe raised the motion on Saturday. He used the state of the ANC under the president and growing calls from the party’s alliance partners as a justification for his call.

Zuma was later given the opportunity to make closing remarks and it is reported that told the meeting that he knows that those who want him to step down are pushing an agenda of foreign forces and has warned them to stop attacking him in the media.

President Zuma allegedly went on and the meeting that he was poisoned with the intention of having him killed. He warned that he knows who is plotting against him and where they get the money from.

A media briefing is scheduled for 14:00 today where the ANC will give a full report and answer questions from journalists.

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