ANC Jessie Duarte Breaks Silence On Gupta State Capture

ANC Jessie Duarte Breaks Silence On State Capture

ANC Deputy Secretary General, Jessie Duarte has broken silence on what has been termed ‘state capture’ by many South Africans. Duarte was speaking during morning preparations of the ANC manifesto launch in Port Elizabeth.

“In November last year we raised the notion of the difficulty that corporate capture does present on the organization like the ANC. We expressed that view in the national executive committee meeting of the ANC. Unfortunately what has happened is that one family has been isolated instead of looking at the matter holistically. We are concerned that there are many people who want to have lobbyists of themselves within structures of the ANC.

The ANC will and must continue to be the organization of all people, rich and poor. So let us not look at one entity but everybody who influences the ANC and the government. It is very unfortunate that there are very big names involved in all provinces.” said Duarte

Jessie Duarte also asked whether she thinks the next President should be male of female. She made very strong comments on what is now termed succession race of the ANC.

“The ANC’s habit is to select the President of the ANC whether that person is a man or a woman. We are nowhere near that point yet. We ask our structures to allow us the possibility to continue to work for local government elections. When the time to elect the ANC President, we will do that openly.” said the Anc Deputy Secretary General, Jessie Duarte





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